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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Sweet Nature

In the tree fort were found these words of wisdom>>>

Love Life! Dream of all the possibilities, runaway to a non existent place. Breath in the air of the goddess. Fear Not! Dance to the joy of your own music beat. Remember the past and invent the new. Laugh at mistakes and learn from them. Life is how you think of it. A Gift? A Curse? you decide. D0nt live in the past for this is the present. Dont think or plan the future, just let it happen.
Blessed be

Well I was inspired to write a new post by all the blogs I perused through just a bit ago. They are all so unique and interesting.

I am much more of a visual person than anything else, so I have been trying to post more photos than paragraphs. Scrolling through the thousands of pictures I have on my computer I came across these and fell in love with this day all over again.

Yellies place

Friday, March 26, 2010

Farmers market flowers

Morro bay farmers find! So bright and springy. Love them ... The tomatoes are delish too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Avila beach day

Sunshine and smiles ~

Late night catch up

So I'm on the way to becoming my blog prediction. I thought I would play a little catch up. It's been very nice here on the coast lately! I have gotten a couple good beach days in, met a tortise named killer

Witnesed an odd pair of love insects at the local look out,which ended up being a forshadowing of humans at the water towers doing the same thing but worse! Sorry folks no pics...

I ate some of the largest strawberries ever!

Got the cutest picture of my baby cousin Hannah bananna <3

Hollister peak drive by
Ok good night

Sunshine and smiles ~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scoot scoot

Adam and I got a moped! Compliments of Dadley :) it's a zippy red rocket, whom does not have a name just yet. We have got to getcto know her first I suppose.

Here is a photo of a local pelican. He let me get really close to get this shot.

Well that's it for now...
Sunshine and smiles ~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Mumlers Concert San Francisco!

So this was one snazzy night at Cafe du Nord! The night started out at Cousin Amys' with a cabi named Mort whom we shared many jokes with. Mort was cool.
All of us ladies got tattoos! We are rebels. We got to meet all the Mumler members whos mustaches were the envy of every gay baby there.

Justine-panther with claws
Amy-alert alligator
Danielle- man eating shark
Heather-carcass eating lion
Wills Lady-sultry angel